Split by Night

Split by Night is a col­lec­tion con­sis­ting of some forty news­pa­per arti­cles and essays, writ­ten between 2000 and 2004, and dedi­ca­ted to Split. The texts repre­sent the chro­ni­cle of Split in its most sen­si­tive tran­si­tion stage: the rally on Riva and Thompson’s con­cert in Poljud, Sanader’s rise to power, uns­ta­ble coali­tion gover­n­ments, and the Split-​Zagreb hig­hway under cons­truc­tion. It is also a time when the repu­ta­tion of Dal­ma­tia sank lower than it had ever done in his­tory. The heroes of this book are poli­ti­ci­ans, mayors, street bul­lies and hooli­gans, athle­tes, and pop-​singers – as well as ban­krupt fac­to­ries, burnt ornit­ho­lo­gi­cal reser­ves, and sprawl. The book has been the­ma­ti­cally divi­ded into five sec­ti­ons, each part being enti­tled by a well-​known verse taken from popu­lar music: Šuvar i varivo (the indus­trial past), Zidam kuću tro­kat­nicu (town-​planning), Judi, zviri i beštimje (poli­tics), Mas­lina je neo­brana (life in Dal­ma­tia), and Ta tvoja barka mala (regi­onal stereotypes).