Classics of Croatian Cinema from Yugoslav Period

This book includes 12 essays which analyze and interpret 12 key Croatian films from Yugoslav period. The first interpreted film is "Blue 9" (Krešo Golik, 1950), the newest is "Third Key" (Zoran Tadić, 1983), and other films included in volume are "Don't Look Back, My Son" (Branko Bauer, 1956), "H8" (Nikola Tanhofer, 1958), "Three Annas" (Branko Bauer, 1959), "The Train Without A Timetable" (Veljko Bulajić, 1959), "Prometheus from the Island Viševica" (Vatroslav Mimica, 1965), "Rondo" (Zvonimir Berković, 1966), "Birch Tree" (Ante Babaja, 1967), "Cuffs" (Krsto Papić, 1969), "Banović Strahinja" (Vatroslav Mimica, 1981) and "You Only Love Once" (Rajko Grlić, 1981). The essays explore production history and contemporary reception of these films. The films are interpreed in their political, social, and economic context. The volume - therefore- tells a story about history of Yugoslavia and Croatian cinema within Yugoslavia from socialist realism, via classic narrative style, modernism, up to postmodernist neo-genre film in the 80s.