Minute 88

Prgin is a young goal-​keeper about to enter the nati­onal foot­ball team. A Split foot­ball club is doing badly and it is only Prgin who can save them from  impen­ding disaster.

Two weeks before the Cup finals, Prgin runs over a cyclist on a dark road. He has been drin­king and dri­ving too fast. The traf­fic poli­ce­men decide to do him a favour by looking the other way, for­ging the report and cove­ring up the whole thing. But it will not be long before they ask a favour in return, and in the Cup finals only Prgin can save the club aga­inst a better team from Zagreb.

This is a novel about foot­ball and people around it: those in the field and  spec­ta­tors. It is also a novel about a world who has seen better days – days when fac­to­ries were wor­king, when there were jobs, and when their club was winning.

Minuta 88 is a book about a world in which the events in the foot­ball field reflect what is hap­pe­ning around it.