A Book About South

A Book About South is a collection of 23 previously published or unpublished essays that deal with European South (Mediterranean), Central European South (Adriatic) and Croatian South (Dalmatia). Text from books discuss various topics of contemporary Mediterranean, from industrial heritage to rising monoculture of tourism. They explore the collective 20th century past and antropology of Eastern Adriatic, from the cultural history of bora wind to role of Renault 4 in Dalmatia, and from social history of weekend cottages to destiny of now derelic factories or hotels. Book also includes travelogues from Crete, Bosnia and Macedonia, text on Yugoslav partisan monuments and history of factory and basketball club that share the same name: Jugoplastika. The book also discusses two important personalities of Dalmatian 20th century history: football trainer Tomislav Ivić and author of the most famous Dalmatian cookbook, Dika Marajanović Radica.