A Sunday Friend

Split in the late nine­ties, the last years of Tuđman’s rule. The town is ter­ro­ri­sed by an unk­nown serial killer who mur­ders lawyers, busi­ne­s­smen, poli­ti­ci­ans, diplo­mats, and trade-​union leaders – the pil­lars of soci­ety. The mur­ders are bloody and cruel. The case is inves­ti­ga­ted by two poli­ce­men, an ex-​communist Barbir and an old con­ser­va­tive Čorak. They are soon to dis­co­ver that the mur­ders have not been com­mit­ted by a maniac, but are rather  part of a complex  conspiracy.

The world of Cro­atia in the nine­ties is unra­vel­led in front of their eyes: the world in which diplo­mats smug­gle objects of art, secret ser­vi­ces work for cri­mi­nal frac­ti­ons, and news­pa­pers are used to fight pri­vate wars. It is in the middle of this world that three people become both cul­prits and vic­tims: an old jour­na­list, a young girl addic­ted to drugs, and a war vete­ran, a reli­gi­ous fanatic.